Monday, August 17, 2020

Running around, Finally!

It has taken a couple of weeks but I now have the east end of the Sugarwood Siding connected.

That in itself does not allow me to preform run a around because, the west turnout of Sugarwood Siding is at the end of the curve coming from the west. So that curve had to be laid and is complete now.

Spline roadbed laid and laying the ties.



Rails down.



With the exception of the spurs for McFoods and Olie’s Cold Storage the Sugarwood Yard section is complete.

As can be seen in the pictures above I have started working on McFoods and I have mocked up the wall panels.

I don’t think I will be installing the McFood and Olie’s Cold Storage spurs until I have the structures figured out. For now, the next step is run trains and push/pulls cars and get the track reliable. My Genset and MP15AC (B type trucks - 2 axles) have no issues with any portion of the track work so far but my SD40-2 (C type trucks - 3 axles) has an issue with the diverging route of the turnout at the east end of Surgarwood Siding.

I also want to get the other three modules of the layout built and install before the end of September.

Until next time.

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