Sunday, May 24, 2020

My layout begins!

Several weeks ago I contacted and model railroad friend of mine, who is a woodworker, and asked if he would cut the wood for my layout. He agreed and to day he dropped off the parts today.

So why did I opt to have someone cut the wood for my benchwork? Well, my benchwork is a bit complicated. Let me explain.

Many years ago I ran across Marshall Stull’s Blog article Modular Design for a Shelf Layout and I really like the ‘C’ design. The down side I did not like the waste of wood in the middle of the ‘C’ and I know some of it can be used for other parts but I still did not like it.

My friend suggested Lap Joints and with the angle required because of the roof line in my new space ( see Trackplans on my website.) the three slanted modules along the top needed to have a slanted angle on the vertical support as shown here

While I am confident I could make repeatable cuts on the other three modules I was not so confident on the three slanted modules.

With the arrival of these parts I will begin assembly and hopefully by the end of June 2020 I will have at least the right three or four modules in place.

My plan is to post on this blog each week. Follow along on my journey.

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